FundBuilder can make all the difference in how you save and invest for your future!

Given the recent market, do you know if you are still on target with your investment plan? Did you know that value-cost-averaging can be a better way to invest for the long term? [learn how]

From this site you can download is the most powerful and dynamic mutual fund management software available today. It will help you get on track, stay on track and successfully reach your investment goals . . . and it's FREE! [learn more]

Recent fluctuation in the market demonstrates how important it can be for successful investors to incorporate FundBuilder's VCA analysis into their mutual fund portfolio management. Even in light of the current downturn, a FundBuilder managed account is still showing 7.5% greater value over a straight dollar-cost-averaged, buy-and-hold managed account.

Successful investing requires a long-term strategy. Anyone can make money in a rising market, unfortunately there is no such thing as a long-term rising market. This year is a perfect example. Through the third week of May, 80% of mutual funds have decreased in value since the first of January.

The market may be up or down, but with FundBuilder you will know where you are relative to your investment goal, and what you need to do to stay on track! In this volatile environment, you need a dynamic, easy to use source of information that will keep you aware of where your account stands, even if it is your 401(k).

While we don't know the future, and we can't tell you whether the market is headed up or down . . . we absolutely can tell you where your mutual fund portfolio is relative to your investment goal and what you need to do to stay on target. And even get ahead of the game. You cannot get this information anywhere else! 

FundBuilder Software version 8.0 has just been released. Its powerful and unique analysis lets you confidently invest for your future! FundBuilder is likely the most dynamic investment management tool you have come across, yet its user friendly design will have you up and running in minutes.

You owe it to yourself and those you love to look at this innovative fund selection and account management today.

FundBuilder is your key to long term investment success! The personalized analysis it provides is exactly what you need in order to "weed out" the bad funds, (i.e., the funds that are not right for you and your current situation) and highlight the funds that will "get you where you are going."

You won't find this is information anywhere else! (Not even in the stars.)

This full-featured program is available to both financial planners and individual investors. Both versions provide the framework from which all aspects of mutual fund investing can be executed conveniently, professionally and in a personalized manner. Whether you are an individual investor watching over your own investments, or a professional advisor managing your client's accounts, FundBuilder is right for you.

You maybe saving for the future, or already managing your retirement income, in either case our latest release, Version 8.0, will provide you with customized analysis and information about fund selection and account management critical to your success.

Planning wizards and daily account analysis provides you specific information and recommendations. You can count on FundBuilder to help you:

Define your financial goals and your investment targets.

Research and highlight the mutual fund(s) that will achieve your specific investment goals

Keep your portfolio "on target". Specific account management recommendations take the guess work and uncertainty out of portfolio management.

Stop worrying about market uncertainty. FundBuilder keeps your account on pace with your goals!

Keeps your account on target with your goals!

Using FundBuilder Software, you will select and manage your mutual funds with greater confidence, and as an added bonus, FundBuilder can also make you more money!

FundBuilder's unique information and analysis will result in investment confidence and peace of mind not available any where else. In addition to this, a FundBuilder Software User's License is FREE!

Stop chasing the market . . . make the market come to you.

Download a copy of FundBuilder Software today!


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