FundBuilder takes the mystery, confusion and hype out of mutual fund selection and investment planning.

FundBuilder Mutual Fund Management Software is a comprehensive management system that allows you to quickly and easily make important decisions regarding your mutual fund investments.

There are a number of excellent products that analyze and dissect mutual funds and their external environment . . . only
FundBuilder focuses on your account, your goals and your situation. Whether you are saving for the future or managing the income from your retirement "nest egg", FundBuilder can help you become a more confident and successful mutual fund investor.
FundBuilder provides the unique tools you need to define and reach your investment goals. The tools and information that make your dreams come alive!
FundBuilder answers your critical investment planning questions:

When can I retire?

Which funds should I buy?

What kind of investment performance do I need?

What will this allocation do to my performance?

Is the fund in this ad right for my portfolio?

Pick the planning wizard that is right for your situation.

Plan for a future goal, i.e. retirement or college expenses.

Manage the retirement income from you "nest egg".
Here is what you can expect from FundBuilder:  

The planning wizard directs you in planning and defining your investment goal.

Timely analysis and management suggestions keep your account "on target".

Specific recommendations guide you to investment success. Timely account account management suggestions not only keep your account "on target", they give you confidence and peace of mind during volatile market conditions.  

FundBuilder keeps on working after you have retired. Nest Egg Manager keeps you on target with your goals for income and capital preservation once you begin drawing on your account.  
You can update your FundBuilder model daily, once a week, twice a month . . . it is up to you. Your information is always current! The automated Internet update routine provides you all the information available since the last time you updated your model.
Here are some of the features incorporated into FundBuilder version 8.0:

Setup & Edit wizards to help you get going.

A flexible investment management platform that can be edited as your circumstances change.

A data base with over 8,000 mutual funds

Dividend Alert

Manual entry for tracking non-mutual fund investments
FundBuilder's unique information and analysis will result in investment confidence and peace of mind not available to you anywhere else. In addition to this, a FundBuilder Software User's License is FREE! Download a copy now. This user-friendly yet powerful tool could make all the difference to the success of your mutual fund investing.

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