Risk. You hear so much about it, but yet we know so little about it. sure it is easy to define in terms of "classical investment" theory.

May we offer some additional food for thought? what about all of the other financial risks we run? You do not hear very much about them, but to a greater degree, they are the ones that will make your life (or the life of someone you care deeply for) miserable. We break risk down into four types. Please consider each one independently as well as collectively.


There is the risk of setting so much aside that you compromise your current lifestyle. Fat chance you say. It does happen sometimes, but what is a much more common scenario is the risk we run by not setting enough aside.
  It is a sad fact, but the average family in the United States has less than $4,000 set aside for all of their children's college education. Many times this circumstance causes parents who have not worked outside of the household to have to re-enter the job market. Other times one or both parents will borrow from their retirement account(s) to meet the expenses associated with a higher education.

Sometimes the child/student is forced to live under the crushing burden of a debt financed education. It is unfortunate that for many this point in time represents a "lean" time for the parents of college students as they are needing to save for their own retirement.

There is the risk you run of investing your money in an inappropriate mutual fund. By inappropriate we mean a mutual fund that "will not get you where you need to go in the period in which you need to get there".

FundBuilder is an excellent tool with which to manage these various types of risks. FundBuilder is all about:

knowing where you are going,

knowing how you are going to get there

and checking your progress towards your goal(s) along the way .
. . . and FundBuilder is simple to use!


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