At the heart of FundBuilder Software is a Value Cost Averaging (VCA) algorthm. You have probably heard of dollar cost averaging (DCA). In fact, if you are investing for the future on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly or annually) then you are a "dollar-cost-average" investor.

Value cost averaging is almost as old as the stock market itself. Chartists developed it in the 1920's, but it soon went out of favor because of the inordinate amount of iterative number crunching that was required to analyze a group of investments.

Now with the aid of computers and the Internet . . . VCA is alive and well!

Research reported on by the American Association of Individual Investors (You will be asked to register with a login name and password. This registration is free.) indicates that Value-Cost-Averaging beats Dollar-Cost-Averaging 95% of the time . . . and FundBuilder makes VCA easy!


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